Meet Juan Valtierra

Personal trainer &

Fitness personality

As a soccer player and personal trainer, Juan has worked a lot with other athletes and couples who enjoy working out with a trainer at home. Juan learned that while both partners are not always equal, they can both workout side by side and challenge themselves. The key for Juan is sequencing exercises for the pair that challenge each of their weaknesses and harness their own individual strengths.

They say love is the spice of life but we would argue friendship is what makes the world go round.  There are so many benefits to the friends we have in our lives.  And, there are so many benefits to working out, eating right and living a balanced life.  COED Crunch combines the benefits of spending time with a friend and working out into a time efficient and fun workout.

Meet Dani Tildahl

Personal Trainer &

Fitness Personality

Working with high end athletes at the collegiate level is a unique environment so Dani Tildahl has turned to tools and techniques to get the explosive power and core strength engaged.  In addition to being a fitness manager at a So Cal University, Dani is also a master trainer for GOFLO Trainer and has brought that in to her athletic training.